Sunday, August 5, 2012

OMG!!! The Kids are coming....

I have been MIA last couple of weeks, but I haven't been sitting with my feet up eating bonbons. Instead, I have been working frantically in my classroom to get it ready for Monday's Open House. Yeah, if you are reading this I am currently back at work unlike some of you who are still enjoying your summer.

In the midst of getting this room ready, our building has been out of air due to some idiot people who decided to blow it up. I am sitting here with the fan blowing imagining that I am sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand and not here in my classroom. But hey, I better be ready because they are coming whether we are ready or not. I have accomplished many things in the last couple of days and will be putting them on my blog below.

First thing, I have cleaned all clutter off of the desks and the students now have their agendas, My "stache" folder, and other books on their desk.
The next thing I have been busy doing was building crate chairs with one of my best friends and her husband. He is the handyman in our bunch and he ROCKS!
Bubble fabric on three of them.
Groovy fabric on the other three.

The two designs next to each other.

Work in progress is and under statement for my bulletin boards. I have begun working on them and had to stop because of the heat. I also didn't cut out a couple of letters as you can see.

Reading and Science board missing some letters.
AR and Good Work Board

Also, I have been adjusting to my new team and my new classroom in a different building. Let's just say I am loving it. We have had the best time listening to some tunes provided by next door neighbor Mr. McKinney and Mrs. Cobb has provided many laughs. With that being said I am now a buddy for one of our new teachers. I spent one day working on her boards with Mrs. Cobb after she was told to move unexpectedly from her other classroom. She was grateful and left me a little note.

Message from my buddy, Betsy.

Now onto the currently for the month from Farley.

I think I have shared enough today and will be back on here as soon as possible this week. Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.