Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wore out...

Today I finally got into my new classroom Room 104. After walking around aimlessly, I finally had a game plan. First, was to get all furniture down from the countertops that the maintenance crew put up there to clean the carpet. I started to feel overwhelmed looking at the cubbies that I had just thrown all of my junk from my old classroom. It was like a looming black cloud following me everywhere I went in the room. Back to game plan, I moved my horseshoe table to my spot for where I wanted to gather my guided reading groups.

The area where I will teach my guided reading groups.
Student desks and book nook area.
More student desks.
This is my teacher area where I will be totally organized this year.

Well, I will be back at this afternoon. I have organized chaos in there right now and will attempt to diminish the piles of stuff laying around. Have a happy Thursday!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

World Wind Mini Vacations and Sunday Afternoon

It has been a while since I have been on since my first blog but I have taken a road trip to Butler, PA for a colleagues wedding where there was way to much fun to be had. Playing around in the photo booth at his wedding was the coolest thing ever.....I so want one in my classroom to use for different projects and special days. Below you will find one of my favorite photo booth pic.

 This is a pic with the groom and all of my friends that I work with at Thornton Elementary School. Believe it or not the lady in the blue boa is our principal. I am hiding in the back with a mustache and Peter Pan green hat.

After arriving back home on July 1st, I then turned around and began another day of travel. I was on the road Tuesday to a North Carolina Beach called Ocean Isle. This was a relaxing time with my aunt and uncle and some of their friends. We even witnessed the best Fourth of July Parade with golf carts, bicycles, and decorated vehicles and trailers.

Picture of my cousin, Morgan, her friend Hannah, and the twins Maddie and Macy on the decorated golf cart. Ours was not in the league of the other decorated golf carts.

Now onto today, after cleaning at my grandmother's for a few hours. My aunt and I went to Dollar General and I picked up some things for my classroom this year. I found these trays below to use in a station after finding the idea on Pinterest.

I also found these little jewels at Dollar General as well. They are little boxes with a strap that keeps it closed. Not real sure what I am going to do with them but goes with my classroom theme this year: Peace, Mustaches, and Room 104. If you have any ideas for what I can use them for please feel free to comment.

I decided to try something new on this Sunday, so I filled out the Currently List from Farley. Have noticed these before and never knew how to do it until today. So here is my Currently in July. Still new to this and hopefully I have done this right.

If I didn't do this right please let me know.